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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Game Suitability » Recommended for 12 and up.

Get ready for a highly addictive version of hangman, an old time favorite word game. The object of HangARoo is simple ... guess the phrases by selecting letters from the alphabet to fill in the slots.

If you make too many errors, you know what happens next - the cute Kangaroo will be earning his wings. Luckily, even if you do send the 'roo to the outback in the sky, you won't feel too guilty. His quick wit and smart tongue will sometimes have you begging to kill him off.

HangARoo Game Highlights and Features

  • There are now more than 8,500 terms and phrases and 120 categories!
  • Many of the phrases now have interesting Did You Know? facts.
  • New volume controls and surprise endings.
  • Players and 3rd-party developers can create customized word lists and levels.
  • Improved setup and uninstall routines.
  • Enhanced eFlash update system.

HangARoo Development & File Exchange
Right from the get go, the free HangARoo game offers more than 8,000 words and phrases to play with. However, for the adventurous player that wants even more, the game supports the use of external data files that can be created using your own word lists and categories. Refer to the data file options in the right menu bar to learn more about customization.

Great software for students who want to develop there language skills!

LINK to download program:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Microsoft Encarta and Stdent Program Manager

Microsoft Office Student Encarta Premium 2009

Microsoft Student includes a wide range of tools and resources for students. For example, it can help you with your math homework and your foreign language studies. It includes templates and tutorials to help you do your homework in Microsoft Office. In addition, Microsoft Student includes Encarta Premium.

Encarta provides encyclopedia articles, photos and illustrations, videos and animations, audio, maps, and Web links. Free updates to this content can be downloaded from the Internet, where available. Encarta Premium also includes an interactive world atlas, virtual tours, 3D ancient sites, statistical maps, and more.

When you need a break from your homework, check out the games in Microsoft Student.

Microsoft Encarta Maths - Sub Programs

Microsoft Math is a collection of tools to help you solve simple or complex math and science problems. You can use it for basic math, algebra, geometry, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, and more

Microsoft Encarta Dictionary - Sub Programs

Encarta Dictionaries help you find definitions of words. You can double-click a word to quickly find the definition in the dictionary. The definition appears on the Dictionary tab.

Additional dictionary tools include:

  • Thesaurus
    Use to find synonyms and antonyms of words.
  • Translations
    Use to translate a word or phrase into another language.
  • Verb Conjugation
    Use to conjugate verbs from foreign languages.

Encarta Maps - Sub Programs
You can explore the World Atlas to find maps of many places.

This is a great and essay to understand Software which opens your eyes to the world!

Microsoft Encarta and Student Program Manager
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Post By: Jeffery Harris

Monday, January 25, 2010


CrossWord Builder

Asymptopia Crossword Builder is a JavaScript education application that runs in any modern internet browser but does not require an internet connection. The simple controls allow teachers or parents to create unlimited math crosswords, or supply their own word:hint pairs. Support has recently been added for French, Spanish, pt-Brasillian, Kiswahili, and special characters (accents, tildes etc), in general. Some suggested uses include: cities, countries, lattitudes and longitudes to teach geography and spherical trig, simultaneously; Periodic table word: hint pairs; Language: Language word:hint pairs, for foreign language learning exercise; Terminology practice with virtually any other subject.

This Software will develop the child or person holistically. Due to all the features which comes with the game, it makes it easy to use and access other features. The software fill the needs of all children. Each person has an individual intelligence which they will excel in, if any person which to improve their intelligence, I believe that this software will do so. It has verbal and visual aids also! This software is great, because any person in any part of the world can use it due to the different language being taught.

This software will improve your child maths, spelling, language development, grammar, understanding and communication skills. Crossword Builder is a wonderful Educational Software which will ensure your child psychological mind develop in a proper way!

Platform(s) - Web or Browser Based
License - GPL
Website - Asymptopia Software

For more information visit this link;